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Tournament Registration 2005


Tournament Manager: Frank Mortimer       Cell 509-995-9498  

        Email:            Website:


Tournament Dates: __________________________________________________________


Tournament Goal Level: _____________________Tournament Fee $150 per player per Tournament



Team Name ( if applicable):_________________________________


Player Name                                                    USPA#                    Handicap         Tournament Fee


1.____________________________             ___________          ________       $____________


2.____________________________             ___________          ________       $____________


3.____________________________             ___________          ________       $____________


4.____________________________             ___________          ________       $____________


5.____________________________             ___________          ________       $____________


6.____________________________             ___________          ________       $____________


Number of Stalls requested: ________________ @ $4.00 per head per night =    $____________


(Receipt upon request, make checks payable to Spokane Polo Club) Total fees due:         $____________       



Arrival Date & (approx time): _______________  Departure Date (approx time):___________              


Mail Tournament Fees to:  Reiko Linde, 1314 S Grand Blvd Ste 2, PMB 333 Spokane, Washington 99202 


Consideration for early Sunday tournament games will be given to out of town players to allow for travel time if given sufficient notice prior to publishing schedule. The schedule is published on the web at the Wednesday prior to the Tournament. If you have specific needs or requests, please let us know as early as possible, as we are happy to accommodate if given sufficient time. Please be aware that as a tournament player, you will be required to perform additional duties such as Goal Judge, Timer, Score Keeper, and Umpire. There may be USPA students available to cover the additional duties for a negotiable fee if you need or want to pass on your duty.  If you need more of these registration forms, they are downloadable from the website at


Team Contact: _____________________________                                  Phone Numbers: _________________________

Address: __________________________________                                 City / State / Zip: _________________________